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Mum and Dad Pillow

Provides comfort for children at bed time
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This is a pillow for the young ones. One half has prickly stubble, resembling the texture of daddy's beard, the other is soft and supple with a fake nipple at the end that can be gently nuzzled.

Sprinkle with either parents perfume or aftershave, to trick the child whilst you are holidaying in the Greek Islands.

benfrost, Jun 08 2013

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       ah, but which is which?
po, Jun 09 2013

       What happens if both your parents are gay females or gay males? Is there a nipple/nipple and beard/beard range?
xenzag, Jun 09 2013

       "mum! There's a nipple stuck in my ear"
skinflaps, Jun 10 2013

       //What happens if both your parents are gay females or gay males?// Well then those kids are just going to be messed up to begin with.   

DIYMatt, Jun 10 2013


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