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Parkade stairwell odour eaters

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Who knows what these would look like? Very large cardboard pine trees hanging on strings sold in a variety of tranquil scents: - vanilla - evergreen - new parkade scent - CO2 scented ...

Dangle them from the inevitable ceiling sprinkler system in an effort to mask the stench of aging urine, stale air and assorted decomposing detritus.

grackle, May 27 2001


       What about putting "freshness" additives in the concrete that they use to build the things?
futurebird, Jun 30 2001

       Freshness additives would be used up after a while, and you don't want to have to demolish & rebuild your parking garage when you could just hang a new giant pine tree thing in it.   

       I like this idea, although it would not be popular with people who are allergic to common "freshener" scents.
wiml, Jul 01 2001

       They could just hose the damned places down a bit more often. I'd prefer the smell of good honest disinfectant to any artificial limonene which is only there to make you *think* it's been cleaned.
angel, Jul 02 2001


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