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Pole Stroll

Striding high, swaying on stationary stilts
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Like walking on clouds, you’ll swing along five meters over the sweaty crowd, exhausting traffic and dog doo. Fiberglass poles, similar to those used in the pole vault, will be anchored every two meters. Your shoes will be secured to special soles that lock onto the top of the poles, one at a time.

By standing on a pole and leaning in the desired direction, you sway forward and slightly downward towards the next pole. You raise and lock your other foot into the vertical pole, and that foot’s sole signals the trailing sole to release its grip. By repeating this in smooth succession, one can perform a pole promenade or a run on rods. To minimize ground level clutter, the masts could double as sign- and lampposts.

FarmerJohn, Sep 08 2002


       can I have stabilisers (like ski poles perhaps)?
po, Sep 08 2002

       Or a kilt for that matter, unless you are Jennifer Lopez (?!)   

       What if I happen to be strolling along quite happily on the top of said poles and I want to sit down... if only I could have some kind of 'pant' with a pole attachment... 'pole pants' if you will.
Jinbish, Sep 08 2002

       This is a common or garden feature of high ropes courses (without the funny shoes of course).
DrCurry, Sep 08 2002

       I aplaud [jinbish] for having the nerve to even mention that idea.
kaz, Sep 08 2002

       No applause necessary... I am but merely standing on the shoulders of giants..err...trolls.
Jinbish, Sep 09 2002

       Doctor C: Is it some sort of circus school? If so, or not, how do they stay put on the pole ends?
FarmerJohn, Sep 09 2002


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