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Phone Lanes

Areas of pavement (sidewalk) for those who want to attempt walking & talking simultaneously.
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Regrettably many members of the general public seem completely unable to talk on a mobile phone and remain walking in a straight line; instead they meander all over the place, changing directions in random, dangerous and annoying ways.

So on busy streets, (if we must allow people to chat incessantly in loud voices about where exactly they are), then we could have a dedicated part of the pavement/sidewalk for them to wander around in, while the rest of us can pass safely by.

We could stop and watch for a while, I imagine it'd be a little like the dodgems/bumper cars at a fairground.

liamdelahunty, Mar 04 2003


       I could also suggest lanes for the elderly. I don't mean to sound discriminative, only that they seem to know exactly when to make sudden stop so you bump right into them. This way it would be safer (and less anoying) for everyone.
Pericles, Mar 04 2003


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