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Parking Meter Zapper

Free parking at any metered space
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A portable electromagnetic ray gun can nuke any parking meter when the gun is pointed at it. Therefore, parking is free, and if a ticket is received, it can be challenged by saying that the meter was broken.
kewldude471, Jul 11 2005

A Tesla coil should do the trick http://sciencekit.c...tegory.asp?c=440128
...provided the meter is electronic. But see note. [DrCurry, Jul 11 2005]

Defense Tech: "More Ray Guns, Please" http://www.defenset...rchives/001229.html
A cross section of emerging directed energy and other new weapons technologies with plenty of links. [bristolz, Jul 12 2005]

Wired News: "Beam It Right There, Scotty" http://www.wired.co...tml?tw=wn_7techhead
A brief article providing an overview of DIW (Directed Energy Weapons) research and realities. [bristolz, Jul 12 2005]

Plastique meter guillotine Plastique_20Meter_20Guillotine
Plug [wagster, Jul 10 2007]


       What's the fine for vandalizing government property again? Somewhat more than the parking expired fine, I'm guessing.
DrCurry, Jul 11 2005

       How about using a large magnet on the clockwork meters, to freeze the mechanism?
Ling, Jul 11 2005

       In Seattle you cannot park at a malfunctioning meter or you'll get a lovely ticket. You can contest the ticket in court later provided you, or someone else, reported the malfunctioning meter and that the repair records show that the meter was indeed broken at the time you were ticketed.   

       I suppose, were you willing to go to the trouble of appearing in court for each time you parked, you might get away with it once or twice. If you made a habit of it, though, soon the parking enforcement folks will begin to notice a pattern of your frequent parking at mysteriously damaged meters.   

       The laws may be different where you live but it wouldn't work well here.   

       Also, what's your proposed power source for this "electromagnetic ray"? Indeed, what, exactly, is your electromagnetic ray? How does it work?
bristolz, Jul 11 2005

       Around here parking is free if the meter's broken. They still chalk the tires and fine you for over staying your welcome but the kicker is that the meter only displays Out Of Order after you pop your first coin into it.   

       If I had an impossible device like that, I'd be making money in better ways than stiffing parking meters.
baconbrain, Jul 11 2005

       A microwave magnetron and a focusing horn would do the trick on our electronic meters around here, but I wonder if the zap would make it through the alloy casing. I guess the *fizzpop* of frying circuitry and the display going out would be a sufficient indicator.
elhigh, Jul 11 2005

       nice if I had one I would be choas. super bun for you!.
crash, Jul 10 2007

       <similar vein> In my old home town, a bunch of students, fed up with meters near the university, took a hacksaw each one night and removed the meters from their posts along a whole section of street. No-one was ever caught. (Not that I condone this sorrt of lawlessness, but it was funny/clever at the time.)</sv>
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 10 2007

       There's a better way of doing that (link).   

       Similarly, I knew a guy who carried a can of spray paint in his car and would spray over the nearest parking restriction sign. He got lots of free parking but unfortunately was a twat.
wagster, Jul 10 2007

       A canvas bag that with "OUT OF ORDER" printed on it works for me.
noncompliance, Jul 11 2007


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