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Parking light

Special light tells others you need a space
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A special light on your car would alert others to the fact that you're looking for parking, not just driving slowly.

This would: a) let ongoing traffic pass you with impunity b) let people who might be leaving a space let you know you can have theirs c) let other would-be parkers know you've 'claimed' a space where someone's about to pull out.

Any ideas about where on the car the light(s) should be placed? Roof, perhaps?

kellyryer, Feb 19 2001


       Eh? I thought it was fairly clear.
centauri, Feb 20 2001

       The light should be on the dashboard of the OTHER cars.
bristolz, Feb 20 2001

       If you live in a crowded city, people can come to blows over parking spaces.
kellyryer, Feb 22 2001

       The parking space might be the trigger, but anyone who seems to be in a fight over a parking space really has much bigger issues on his or her mind.
centauri, Feb 22 2001

       Hope about you turn your light on if you are looking for parking, or if you are walking back to your car to leave a spot (triggered like a car alarm remote). It's be great to not have to drive slowly in a crowded parking lot, watching people walking to see if they are heading back to their cars.   

       Could work out a reward system to encourage use: a reward for if you are returning to your parked car and turn your light on to let others know. How about if you do this, and then someone looking for a spot turns their light on to "take" your space, you have an account that gets credited (a la FastPass): coupons at Jiffy Lube or something.
dansroka, Mar 07 2001

       Realistically - just signal. (Californians: The lemon-colored blinky things in the corners of your cars. I know you don't use them, but they once served a purpose, just like your appendix.)   

       Corner + signal = car will turn. No opening + signal = ah, the poor chap is looking for a parking space.
jutta, Mar 08 2001

       To ascertain whether someone is looking for a space, just look at their forehead. If blood vessels can be seen throbbing so hard that they are in danger of penetrating the epidermis, you can assume that they are.
Redbrickterrace, Oct 19 2001


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