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Parking coloring book

Coloring book to give people who seem unable to stay between the lines
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For years I've accused the jerks that can't or won't park properly of not having had coloring books when they were children. This accusation has on one occasion nearly gotten me beaten up.

I'd love to have professionally drawn "how to park" coloring books which I could leave (along with those restaurant-pack boxes of four crayons) on the windshields of these miscreants.

brouhaha, Jun 16 2000

http://www.iparklikeanidiot.com/ Bumper stickers with little drawing of someone not parking between the lines. (I like this idea better, but hey.) [jutta, Jan 09 2006]


       *I'd* buy them!
eritain, Jun 17 2000

       Instead of parking fines, which those with copiuos resources can just laugh off, how about they paint the bits of vehicles that exceed the lines with some kind of wash-offable dayglo paint. Similar idea is used by some places that glue a huge orange notice across the drivers view-area if you park where you should not. What really get me is people who park taking up multiple spaces on purpose so their car idol doesn't get a scratch or bump in the parking lot (and don't get fined it seems). For contrast try parking in a wheelchair-marked space...
jetckalz, Jun 20 2000

       steve martin already solved this problem. DEATH PENALTY for parking violations.Takes care of overpopulation too!
dwp37, Jun 26 2000, last modified Jun 28 2000

       When I see people taking up two or three spaces to try to protect their car, when possible I try to park my car alongside it as close as possible without touching. Preferably along the driver side of the offending car. This works especially well when they park completely perpendicular to the spaces.
brouhaha, Jun 27 2000

       <heh> I do the same thing...I like the idea of the big sticker, or even better the paint. Especially if one can only get the paint removed with a special chemical <there are protective coatings that work like this for new cars, notably the Dodge Neon>, and if you could only get that chemical at the police station...
StarChaser, Jun 27 2000

       Well, it can't be MY vehicle, it's only a two seater.
StarChaser, Aug 06 2001

       That explains why my parking's so bad, then. I never *could* color within the lines very well back in elementary school...   

       And yes, I do try to stay off the road. :-)
codeman38, Mar 27 2002

       Try? You mean sometimes you fail?
Minimal, Jan 09 2006


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