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Party Criminals Scorecard

A tally of criminal behavior by Party
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A list tallying criminal behavior by Political Party's elected officials.

One score would tally the number of indicted elected officials for each party. (Personally, I don't really even care if they were elected President or City Council member. If they ran w/ the "R" or "D" next to their name on the ballot, I want them counted in this list).

Another score would tally the number that were indicted and resigned.

The last score would tally up the number that were convicted.

I wish I could figure a way to include Lobbyists and Political appointees / advisors into this, but I'm not sure how to. Any suggestions on how to compile such lists? I would consider putting a significant amount of effort myself.

An example of the completed list would look like:

Butter Side Uppers: 12 Butter Side Downers: 231

Indictments & Resignations:
Butter Side Uppers: 9 Butter Side Downers: 105

Butter Side Uppers: 2 Butter Side Downers: 68

Zimmy, Jul 25 2008


       Another Indictment today, it seems.
Zimmy, Jul 29 2008


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