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finally nothing counts
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In some elections not even half of the population vote. instead of ignoring the democratic fact that over 50% of the people don't see no alternatives to what they dislike, those non-votes could be credited to a new non-voters-party. i my self would volunteer for its president. its going to be a cool job as i wont do nothing. same for my fellow representants. we will not go to parliament forcing the rulers to accept theres something wrong when so many seats just stay empty. maybe they will think about giving alternatives to their people.....
max, Sep 28 2001


       i aint votin for this
beauxeault, Sep 28 2001

       I think that the non-voters party should stand for a governmentless country; that would get the people off there feet voting. (unless anarchy apeals to most =) )
garibake, Apr 24 2003

       I second the motion to allow pets to vote. My fish want to vote, too.
phgnome, Aug 04 2003

       I'm gonna take my ball and go home.
popbottle, Oct 06 2013


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