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Pavement "flight plans" and past data

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Whilst living in London, and trying to leg it to my second job, I used to find Oxford Street virtually impassable in a hurry.

Given the number of smartphones out there these days, and the possibility of better GPS accuracy, one way or another, then I should be able to log a "flight plan" kind of thing in, and some software would show my route.

For example I log in give the "oh bugger, I have to get across Oxford St, then hang a right, leg it down to Oxford Circus (? I forget) and do that in 8 minutes".

As for the past data, it should be able to show Mr X's [traditional path] down that side of Oxford St, going out to get a cappuccino at [traditional time] and work around him.

not_morrison_rm, Oct 01 2016

The Pavement, South London... http://www.oldukpho...0the%20pavement.jpg
Gosh, however did they come up with the name... [not_morrison_rm, Oct 01 2016]


       [+] despite suspicions of a "crowd" sourcing pun.
FlyingToaster, Oct 01 2016

       Nahh, no such pun.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 01 2016

       You've missed out the active air-traffic-control function - I presume this would be implemented by closing Oxford Street to all pedestrians not packing an appropriate app, which app would then guide them harmlessly around each other with beautifully co-ordinated pokemon-go lures. Of course anyone momentarily looking up from their phone would be doomed.
pertinax, Oct 02 2016

       //guide them... beautifully co-ordinated pokemon-go lures...   

       ..into the mouth of the wood chipper.   

       //the active air-traffic-control function   

       <TS>I'll never be over Macho Grande</TS>
not_morrison_rm, Oct 02 2016


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