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Pot Seeded Concrete

Self-Moderating Sidewalk Weed Control
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Eliminate those 2 foot tall weeds found in the cracks between sidewalks and curbs. Seeds put in with the pouring of a sidewalk or median strip would encourage pot plant growth rather than useless weeds after rains. Local inhabitants would pick them without the need for dispatching city crews. As the more neglected parts of the city typically have a higher availability of volunteer weed pickers it self-compensates too.

(fingers crossed...)

kamenmann, Jun 25 2003


       The point about removing weeds from concrete is that the roots gradually break the concrete up. Not a bad thing in disused lots, but a nuisance on roadways.   

       Anyway, more enlightened communities already have strips of grass, shrubs and/or flowers between the sidewalk and the road.
DrCurry, Jun 25 2003

       ...as opposed to keeping them for themselves, as is the case now.
thumbwax, Jun 25 2003

       That's just not true! They use bongs.
mrthingy, Jun 25 2003

       One harvest festival I would want to go to.
sufc, Jun 25 2003

       //inhabitants would pick them//   

       Won't this create potholes?
Amos Kito, Jun 25 2003

       This is a neat idea. It was in a -recent- home and garden magazine.
thecat, Jun 25 2003

       DrCurry, how unromantic. Plants with shallow roots. Where you find a problem, I find a solution. Now go out and reclaim your inner romantic.
thecat, Jun 25 2003

       If you want *good* marijuana, you need the roots. People who know this would be digging up the walkways. Fishbone.
Shz, Jun 25 2003

       [Amos Kito] Heh.
bristolz, Jun 25 2003

       thecat: Me? Unromantic? I'm the most romantic person here! (Just ask po!) Even my post in not unromantic - I pointed out that classy cities already plant plants along the roadways.
DrCurry, Jun 25 2003

       DrCurry - I'll take your word for it (doubtfully though) until po says otherwise :). Actually no I won't. Why? How can you compare roadside stuff to filling the cracks with flowers. I wish I could post a link to that picture I talked about but I read toO much to remember where I found it. I did like the classy reference to other cities (which you didn't make as strongly as you think you did but it is there a bit).
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       P.S. Curry - Was going to ask you to post something romantic to prove yourself (still wouldn't mind some proof!) but I saw some (brief look) imaginative ideas in your file so I believe it is possible that you could have some romance in your soul.
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       I think this would work if the pot seeds were cross bred with a predatory aggressive weed.   

       [I detest those (other) unsightly road-way weeds.]   

       Plus they would be 'citizen-self-maintaining'.
Cosmo, Sep 14 2003

       Ohhhh...so that's what those "Weed-and-Seed" programs are about.
mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

       I think it's a dumb idea but I gave it a + anyhow because Shz doesn't know what he's talking about.
Size_Mick, Jan 21 2004

       I saw this happen with a single 6 ft tall pot plant. Thought was just a strange looking weed.   

       Four people screeched to a halt in a junker. Piled out of the car. Ran across the field to the plant. Yanked it out by the roots. Ran back to the car. And were gone.   

       This idea will cause traffic accidents in my humble opinion.
popbottle, Oct 06 2014


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