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Google Glass pavement priority lane

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By dint of analysis of gps and accelerometer figures, everyone gets diverted into different lanes. Lane nearest the shop is for the "born to dawdle" category (which includes me), the lane nearest the kerb is for those speedy walkers.

Might or might not have optional extra of "profession hats" superimposed on people, like green light for medical types, and other colours for lawyer, accountant, plumber etc as you never know. Red light allocation yet to be decided. Dunce caps allocation is up to you, cat-liker/hater, politician etc

not_morrison_rm, Sep 06 2014


       Would the dunce's lane not be reserved for anyone who's a big enough moron to wear a set of google's stupid goggles out in public?
xenzag, Sep 06 2014

       Very likely to occur naturally as a part of optimization for road safety and preferences of drivers, as the mentioned data is being analyzed, without deliberation on halfbakery. [-]
Mindey, Sep 06 2014

       It's a virtual hat, so they wouldn't be able to see it, even looking in a mirror....suggest you get on with the hack that displays "kick me" for Glass wearers.....but it'd only be visible to other Glass wearers..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 06 2014

       An excellent way of preparing your species for Assimilation into the Collective. [+]
8th of 7, Sep 06 2014


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