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Pecking Order Sofa

Multi story sofa to facilitate a hierarchy in a large family
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There is a hierarchy in most households, but much friction and chaos can result in a lack of clearly visible boundaries and ground rules. All of this ends with the arrival of the Pecking Order Sofa.

The sofa has three layers, with the most luxurious and comfortable being on top, and occupied exclusively by the alpha male or female of the household. The layers below are less desirable in descending order until ground level is reached where the runts and crawlers reside, who must serve the needs of those immediately above.

Scraps and tit-bits may percolate downwards from above, as favours make their way up, but nasty business is always delivered in a downwards direction.

All manner of diverse detritus is gravity fed to those below. This includes insults, orders, empty plates of food, crisp and biscuit wrappers, beer bottles, smelly socks, and other nefarious personal jetsam such as dandruff and nose pickings.

Each sofa comes packed in straw and is complemented by a ten minute instruction video of a busy hen house in action to demonstrate correct usage.

xenzag, Jul 30 2006

Multi-level sofa http://www.kunotechnik.ch/04nap.html
someone built my sofa for me, but with only two levels ! [xenzag, Oct 18 2007]


       The top sofa needs to have a universal remote built into the armrest, giving the Alpha person complete control.
RayzaBlayd, Jul 31 2006

       ..exactly, dropping the remote might result in unwanted station/pretzel negotiations.
zen_tom, Jul 31 2006

       I fear this will be top heavy and needs some serious attention to its stabilisation.
po, Jul 31 2006

       Am I correct in assuming that you are the alpha in your family? Or is this attempting to point out the point of view of the less than alphas?
James Newton, Jul 31 2006

       //Am I correct in assuming that you are the alpha in your family//   

       I am beta than that! (groans aloud) I try to hover just below the ceiling, at the elastic limit of my movement limiting harness. I make maps out of the breadcrumbs on the floor, using a long pointed stick, for the birds to follow.
xenzag, Aug 01 2006

       During the summer, the 'alpha' will have the most miserable seat of all.
jellydoughnut, Aug 05 2006

       so there's my cats reclining on the top...
xandram, Aug 06 2006


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