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hot seat2

Sofa with heat- the new hot seat
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Cushy sofa now invites you with warm, soft leather or fabric. Much akin to the heated seats found in luxury cars, this loveseat, barca lounger or lay-z-boy contains heating coils in the upholstry, offering a dial for setting your personal pleasure temperature. Who cares if your house is drafty, you are in control of the hot seat. Picture yourself coming home from a cold day, you flip on the switch and relax in the comfort of the seat of heat. You might have to fight off the cat, and you might not want to get out, but the hot seat is where it is at. Great for naps, movies, or just to keep the house temperature lower. By Schmoo
schmoo, May 08 2002

La-Z-Boy with heated lumbar support http://www.deeceeup...-BOY/lay-z-boy.html
Halfway down page, on right. [pottedstu, May 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. Those wonderful people at La-Z-Boy do a recliner with built in massager, heater, fridge, telephone and cupholder. (See link.)
pottedstu, May 08 2002


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