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foot controlled remote control
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Foot pedal remote control for the television allowing hands-free channel surfing while engaging in two-fisted beer guzzling, potato chip eating, masturbating, breast feeding and other activities. The actual components on the remote are negotiable (volume, channels, etc.), maybe depending on the dexterity of the user.
mery, Oct 08 2001


       </off-topic anecdote>
I used to work for a large supermarket. Every six months or so, the regional manager would come and inspect the stores looking for some reason to kick the store managers ass an assert some authority. Our paperwork was weeks behind and we had been fudging as much as we could, so we knew head office had learned of our tardiness and the regional manager would look at the invoices, receivables, payments and reports that we are supposed to keep first. I was taken off the shop floor to help filing stuff away and fudging waste reports, scan rate reports, weights and measures et cetera, that I knew a bit about.

       I came across receipts for stuff like “Foot Operated Pianola”, and even a “Foot Operated Remote Control” written up as a company expense. I didn’t know what to do with it, and went to the duty manager who was also frantically filing in anticipation of the regional manager’s visit. I thought they were stupid products, and so did the guys I was working with, so I took the receipts up to the duty manager with a smirk on my face, laughing and making jokes.   

       He was hurt. “What kind of a sick fucken joke is this?” he demanded. I could have shit a brick. I thought he was mad because of somebody trying to buy weird products and pass them off as a company expense. “My mother has no arms, she was a thalidomide baby,” he said. This is much worse, I thought. My face went bright red. I was stunned. I was contemplating getting fired - in the most horrible fashion - from my first ever job.   

       I turned around to see the other guys pissing themselves laughing. In my panic I remember looking again and seeing the duty manager laughing too. It took me a while to realise that they were having me on.
</off topic>
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       Yeah, regional grocery guys = anal. Been there, done that.
When I built cabinets we sent one guy off to hardware stores for bubbles for levels, filaments for light bulbs and board stretchers. All on separate occasions of course. The bubbles for the levels provided for the most entertainment as he was FURIOUS upon his return, so we got him extremely drunk that night.
thumbwax, Oct 08 2001

       How about a spin-off foot operated gamepad? When I had my SNES, every once in a while I would somehow get into a situation where I'd end up controlling my Mortal Kombat character with my feet.
mrkillboy, Oct 08 2001

       mrkillboy: There are a number of foot controls for gaming, some of which have actually reached the market. You can, for example, get a whole mini-chasis with a steering wheel, pedals and a seat for racing games. There are keyboards that you can play with your feet too, as this baked as well.   

       You can also get motion capture apparatus, although these are generally used to create games not to play them. People are also constantly working on ways to simulate movement in virtual space in relatively small areas using approaches like mats to monitor foot position and even huge in-place "hamster balls" for people.
Aristotle, Oct 08 2001


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