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Ping Pong Ball Remote

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A 2ft x 4ft panel on the wall above the television has 6 large important buttons. Volume +/-, channel up/dn, power, and mute.

The buttons would be crafted of 3/4 inch particle board painted green, with white symbols painted on.

A ping pong paddle and multiple balls are included.

Giblet, Apr 16 2008


       Totally impractical. What you need is a pea shooter, soft balls which will not ricochet and a trough for catching them.
marklar, Apr 16 2008

       fun +
xandram, Apr 16 2008


       Why couldn't I repeatedly hit the ball at the channel up button, as the ball returns, bounces off my coffee table, and gets returned to the plus button just for fun?   

       I was not going to do so, but I will now bun myself for being impractically fun.
Giblet, Apr 16 2008

       Ping pong? How about paintball? +++
DrCurry, Apr 16 2008

       How about a single target that senses the spin on the ball? Up-spin for volume up, et c. . . . um, clockwise spin for mute? Bun for your way. [+]
baconbrain, Apr 16 2008

       Cool, the volume goes up to eleven.
Amos Kito, Apr 16 2008

       Put pizeo-electric transducers on the surface. Even a ping-pong ball will generate enough signal to be detected.   

       We want one of these to control our primary weapons array.   

8th of 7, Apr 16 2008

       MY EYE!   

       Excellent. Put me down for one, and order one for [po] too (I'm guessing she'll want one).   

       This will make for great entertainment when flicking through channels and having arguments about what to watch.   

       P.S. I want my bat with Sriver FX rubber on the forehand (red, 1.4mm of sponge) and Feint Long on the backhand (black, 0.5 sponge). The blade should be something like a Gatien AR Extra. Thank you.
Jinbish, Apr 22 2008

       This one is my kind of invention... I love it. In fact, I can imagine a way to paint this on the wall and use some rather simple sensors to pick up which box the ball hit. I'm thinking about building one of these. Many buns to you. [+] (I've been gone for a while... It's nice to pop back in to find this kind of thing)
zigness, Apr 23 2008

       thanks [Jinbish] I so need the practice.
po, Apr 23 2008

       put color sensors for balls.   

       white for power on, black for power off, light green to reduce volume, dark green ...............
vedarshi, Apr 23 2008


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