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Pedalo Bubble-Buddy

Bathtime pastime
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A pedalo pedal with small paddlewheels at either end to be used in the bath. The pedals are perforated and whip up a mountain of frothy bubbles as you bathe and cycle.

Features variable resistance settings for a gentle bathtime work-out with the added incentive of luxurious lather.

Swivel mounted and with strong suction cups on the legs, the Pedalo Bubble-Buddy can be stuck to either the bottom or the side of the bath, whichever you find more comfortable. The frame is height-adjustable for various depths of bath and lengths of leg. The footplates have an exfoliating surface for extra grip and silky-soft feet.

Brings an end to flat baths(!?) and grey scum floating on the surface.

squeak, Mar 09 2004

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       You could vary the paddle size to vary the resistance. Love it.
Bobble, Mar 09 2004

       Could get really messy with all that sloshing around, but a fine idea nonetheless. Messiness would be reduced if the bath was really deep, unlike the *flat* baths mentioned in the idea. +
saker, Mar 09 2004

       *Flat* as in *bubbleless*, [saker]. It always makes me sad when all the bubbles are gone.
squeak, Mar 09 2004

       [squeak] I know, I know, I was just taking the piss... Not in the bath, of course.   

saker, Mar 09 2004

       I'm picturing the paddles as having hundreds of bubble-making holes. You're going to make a mess with this. I think this is my favorite idea of the week so far. +
Worldgineer, Mar 09 2004

       Peddled by a swim-suited sales force.
FarmerJohn, Mar 10 2004

       Get a workout, get clean, get a workout, get clean...
oxen crossing, Mar 10 2004

       I'd some how manage to lose a toe in the thing. But it would look great next to my treadmill shower...and abs-o-steel-potty.
gabe, Mar 11 2004

       [UB] I wanted another bathtime pastime which involved shooting to compliment this idea. I wanted to call it "Bathlon" but all my ideas for the shooting bit were lame.
squeak, Mar 11 2004


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