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Power Stairing

Assisted ascending and softer descending
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Power Stairs come in a super-rigid frame. Each of the steps is a five centimeter thick slab of the same type of material used in 'super balls'. The risers too are flexible, so that movement of the steps can be accommodated.

Scaredy-cats can use the Power Stairs as normal by stepping on to the bottom step gently, as normal, and proceeding gently up.

More experienced users can hop onto the bottom step firmly and then ascend in a series of controlled bounces.

Stair Aces use the Power Stair in full power mode, where the recoil of each step is assisted by motors acting to pull each step straight once it is pushed downwards. Aces are also distinguished by their comical jester hats - worn as a precaution in case the final bounce is overdone.

Each member of the household has their weight and usage preference programmed in to the Power Stair to avoid accidents.

ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 22 2005

Much the same thing Trampoline_20Staircase
Just missing the motors. [DrCurry, Nov 23 2005]


       Could be interesting watching kids doing the arse bumping decending thing.
skinflaps, Nov 23 2005

       Didn't someone once propose a trampoline at the bottom of the stairs for power ascending/descending?   

       [Later] In fact, a quick search reveals the linked idea.
DrCurry, Nov 23 2005

       Sounds a lot easier to go up than down. And surely a stair ace wouldn't make such a rookie mistake?
hidden truths, Nov 23 2005


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