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Pedestrian Dashboard

Indictors and instruments for the serious pedestrian
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Why should car drivers be the only ones with a set of gauges and controls to help them navigate the city streets?

Many pavements are now heaving racetracks of humanity, with folk bumping into each other, collapsing because they have underestimated their journeys and wilted due to lack of nourishment. Pedestrian Dashboard would solve all of this and more. Pedestrian Dashboard would have it all. Naturally a speedometer would be central, but would be joined by a clock, mileometer, GPS, heart monitor, and blood sugar meter together with indicators and a horn to facilitate safe turns, and clearing unexpected interruptions. There would be a variety of styles and finishes from the sedate splendour of polished walnut, to the racy "brat boy" with complimentary bull bars. Other versions could be customised for police, medical etc. with sirens, flashing lights et all.

xenzag, Sep 29 2005

http://www.beltmast...?kw=belt&src=google [ato_de, Sep 29 2005]

Fitted with 2 airbags, eh? Cleavage_20Airbags
[Dub, Oct 02 2005]


       Mirrors and a horn would be nice. The number of people who just stop in-front of me without checking their mirrors...   

       Better include a test - Here in the UK you can take a Cycling Proficiency course, so why not pedestrian? Bun, I think. :)   

       [ato_de]:) Don't forget the airbag too!
Dub, Sep 30 2005


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