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Mobility Cane with Parking Antenae tip

Haptic and Audio Feedback Cane
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Remember those parking antenae that would scrape along the curb and warn you when you were too close to the curb? How about a similar thing for mobility canes to help people with visual disabilities navigate? The cane could have a spray of really thin but resillient and rough tendrils coming out the end that would warn the user of impending danger. Maybe you could retract them for greater accuracy in tight spots.
JesusHChrist, Oct 15 2005


       This is what the sweeping of the cane used by visually impaired people does. Having 'whiskers' on the end of the cane may mean that there are too many false triggers or the direction of the triggering object may be harder to determine.
oneoffdave, May 14 2007


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