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Pedestrian Road Hogs

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Attach two piglets - one to the underside of each of your feet via velcro straps and glide down the street as they run for dear life. A slender flexible rod, stick, or twig can be used for whipping them into motion and a long gold chain attached to rings about their snouts can act as bridles as you canter and pull up to the ticket counter at your local cinema/dentist/army recruitment center etc.
benfrost, Feb 23 2006

Baked. Solo style. http://www.strangec...nt/item/113747.html
Looks like fine. [nth, Feb 23 2006]


       <fx: "Duelling Banjos" music from Deliverance>
hippo, Feb 23 2006

       Yes! With these you could really travel in STYle...   

       I'm already feeling a bit sorry for the little piggies! How would you stop them squealing through the film/examination/war? Make bacon sandwiches?
Minimal, Feb 23 2006

       muzzles of course.
benfrost, Feb 23 2006

       Until I pop along, and create a dividing trail of apples :)
skinflaps, Feb 23 2006

       Your way sounds much more fun though [Benfrost].
nth, Feb 23 2006

       [-] piglets are too small to carry human weight.
xandram, Feb 23 2006


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