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moving brush

locomotion by brush
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Have you ever taken the head off a broom and thrown it at a concrete floor? it moves along,doesnt it? Its better than small wheels on a rough surface. How about a motorised vehicle moved by brush bristles? use the springiness of the brushes.
technobadger, Jan 05 2001


       Everyone would get out and throw, obviously.
Jim, Jan 05 2001

       ...and if you were travelling uphill, everyone would get out and ... Oh, never mind.
beauxeault, Jan 05 2001

       I've never taken the head off a broom and thrown it at a concrete floor. What happens? I don't get it.
egnor, Jan 06 2001

       Stopping might be a problem, unless someone invented the velcro parking bay or stop sign. I guess instead of look left or right painted on the road you could have "listen for the sound of sweeping approaching" Still, how fantastically clean the roads would be - I figure that the sweepers union may have something to say about all this....
Skybird, Jan 07 2001

       Ummm, sorry all but this one's been Baked. A while back, some random Japanese car manufacturers were running a competition for their bored designers to re-invent the wheel. Some of the wacky racers included a car with triangular wheels and, sadly, a moving broom. The vehicle in question had hundreds of nylon bristles on it's belly which oscillated thanks to a motor. The whole contraption was able to move, albeit slowly across a smooth surface. It didn't catch on though 'cos only one person at a time would fit in it and after 15minutes of noisy, rattly shuffling - the driver's butt went numb.
Kettch, Jan 07 2001

       howabout 2 sets of brushes, one on each side,moving in an oval shape(like 2 conveyer belts on its sides). Or just a regular brush, propelled hovercraft style. Its hard to explain the first idea, but its one way to make the brush idea work...who says those jap car manufacturers have the only solution?
wahwah, Mar 20 2002


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