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Pedestrian Tow-Ball

hands free towing for everyone
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It's a weight training type belt with a small tow-ball fixed to it at the back. This enables you to attach your appropriately enabled luggage or shopping cart behind you.

Wear it on the outside, or let its shiny ball protrude through a neat little hole, that is protected by a storm flap when not in use, fashioned in the back of your clothes.

Complemented by a range of small carts so that you can drag around other items, like sacks of coal, logs for the winter stove, lazy children or fagged out pets etc.

xenzag, Dec 15 2006

(?) Wheelie Walking Trailer http://www.radicald...ailers/wheelie.html
A hitch-ball-free approach to the design problem. [jurist, Dec 15 2006]


       Dammit, I thought that this was an idea for a tow bar so that the annoying/otherwise incapacitated pedestrians (mimes, living statues, all the other ones that annoy me) could be taken away. Oh well...
froglet, Dec 15 2006

       Pulk sleds are sometimes used by cross-country skiers for towing loads in snow. I Googled around a bit, and cannot find any that use a tow ball. They seem to find that two poles, one to each hip, give better control. (Which may just be a hold-over from the days when folks couldn't build tow-balls.)
baconbrain, Dec 15 2006

       This would help people who run for exercise to get extra exercise. Pedestrians with roller blades could wait and seize such an exerciser as he or she passed by, then tow along towards the destination. It would only be polite for the rider to himself wear a towball, so that additional riders might also latch on. Everyone wins!
bungston, Dec 15 2006

       //Which may just be a hold-over from the days when folks couldn't build tow-balls.//   

       I think it has as much to do with weight distribution, With a hitch ball you create a lever action with the ball, on the hips the weight is distributed evenly on the hips.
jhomrighaus, Dec 15 2006

       that wheelie walker is too specialised.... it only works with itself, and turning corners with it must be a nightmare. My tow- ball is simple, universal, cheap and it's very shiny too !
xenzag, Dec 15 2006


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