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Pint Glass Beer Belt

Carry back those eight pints of beer from the bar in one trip
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In England the 'Round' system is used by most groups of drinkers when in Pubs or Clubs. This involves each person in the group buying drinks for the entire group in one go. Everyone gets a turn at buying all the drinks before the nights out. When it's your turn you 'Get the Round in'.

The round system's main shortcoming is the fact that the person whose round it is may have to carry around eight pints or so back from the bar for themselves and the rest of the group. At present this involves approximately three trips to the bar and back as few people can carry more than three pints at a time.

The Pint Glass Belt seeks to aleviate this problem. Quite simply, the belt consists of a piece of leather, long enough to fit around the body. Placed equidistantly apart on the belt are Pint Glass Hoops. Once the belt has been placed around the wearer and securely fastened, the drinker who is getting the round in simply fits all eight pints into each of the pint glass hoops. As his/her hands are free, he/she can carry three more pints using the hands. For those in extremely large rounds (i.e. 11 or more persons) a drinker with a particularly wide girth can wear a larger belt with up to fifteen pint glass hoops.

I would imagine that this belt could be adapted to carry glasses other than those of 1 pint in size, such as the Australian Schooner (0.75 pints), German Stein (1 litre) or bottled beer, but this would only be needed if the 'Round' system is in operation!

ccaamgw, Jul 24 2000

Beer Belt http://www.wonderfu...ky.com/beerbelt.htm
Not nearly as useful. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       Why do you think they invented trays? Also, carrying 8 pints around one's waist in a crowded pub is asking for trouble! (Wembley)
Uncle J, Jul 24 2000

       Along with the tray, a Pint Glass Beer Belt wearer can carry up to 16 pints. If there aren't that many people in the round, crisps and other snacks can be carried instead. As for spillage problems, a knee mounted slops tray could be used to catch beer drips.
ccaamgw, Jul 24 2000

       You'd have to start out with quarts to end up with pints back at the table...hips swing as you walk and you'd slosh beer over everybody on the way back to the table...
StarChaser, Jul 25 2000

       sounds like a prop for a great drinking game. how about we adjust the position, and make it like a yoke that goes round your neck, so when it is your turn to 'get the round in' you have a physical and financial burden!
interpreter, Jul 25 2000

       Splendidly, this is the #1 return on a Google search for "pint of beer". We need a concerted campaign of G-bombing of the 'bakery - imagine the pride inherent to being top of the list for "custard"...
friendlyfire, Apr 19 2004


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