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Side Arm, Support Arm

A third arm to help stabilize a handgun, leaving one hand free
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Instead of silly-looking police running around with their hands clasped together, this arm of the law would assist in steady, one-handed aiming and shooting.

The L-shaped support is hinged to and folds out from the officer’s belt and diagonal shoulder strap. The lower portion (from the belt) is like a curved, thin, shock absorber-like cylinder used to raise trunk (boot) lids. The flexible unit, extending from the shoulder and waist, provides the optimal balance of resistance and cushioned support to the hand gripping the weapon.

Thus, the doubly-armed cop’s other hand is free to hold a flashlight, call in for reinforcements, aim pepper spray, gesticulate to a perp, write a report, pull out a whip, etc.

FarmerJohn, Aug 04 2003


       Naughty FJ.
Shz, Aug 04 2003

       Sort of steadi-cam for firearms (+)
oneoffdave, Aug 04 2003

       Will this interfere with the speed with which a target can be acquired?
bristolz, Aug 04 2003

       If this were positioned centrally, perhaps the cop could fire using pelvic thrusts. This would leave both hands free for whip cracking. Sort of a Kali Cop.
bungston, Aug 04 2003

       [bristolz] It shouldn't, once it's flipped out. It should feel like another arm. Then, of course, if the officer is filling in a form simultaneously...
FarmerJohn, Aug 04 2003

       I could go for a good gesticulating about now.
DeathNinja, Aug 04 2003

       then we might be over-run with little ninjas
po, Aug 04 2003

       No, that was good gestation.
FarmerJohn, Aug 04 2003

       I know its silly but I have this urge to tickle your armpits while all your arms are so busy.
po, Aug 04 2003

       croissant for //gesticulate to a perp//
ato_de, Aug 04 2003

       Hmm. I would think that anything which dampened motion (Steadicam or PanaGlide style) would also interfere with accelerative forces upon the object but, in re-reading the idea, I see that no such damping is really implied.
bristolz, Aug 04 2003


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