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Tired of losing pencils?
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This is a pencil holder with a twist. It would work somewhat like those car key finders. You press a button and your pencil beeps. Each holder would come with five grip things that you could put on your pencils that would also double as finders. This could also work for those cheap pens. I'm also envisioning it going and retrieving your pencil FOR you, but I haven't quite gotten that figured out yet...any ideas?
rooney, Nov 01 2003


       Build the pencil holder part into a raccoon. That will make this more of a PencilCyborg3000. Just make the grips shiny.
Laughs Last, Nov 01 2003

       And just how are you going to make a raccoon shiny?
Overpanic, Nov 02 2003

       I was going to vote against, but [Laughs Last] changed my mind.
phoenix, Nov 02 2003

       There is an "Outer Limits" episode where a man tries to throw out a pencil, and as a result it starts beeping and beeping. The man returns from work to find his house unenterable because it is completely full with millions of pencils.
phundug, Nov 05 2003


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