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prank pen

"finish" someones work while they take a break.
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A microchip in the casing controls a gyro scope to keep the pen balanced. The gryoscope is powered by a very small battery toward the tip that also power a small motor that rotates the writing ball. The penmoves by rotating the writing ball. Lines on the pen let you know which direction it is facing. The cap's pocket clip becomes the control stick when you remove it and place it in the top of the cap. Good for numerous practical jokes.
xcpostman, Jun 06 2004


       ha! someone has walked with Brenda's pen!
po, Jun 06 2004

       If someone takes a break, wouldn't it be easier to just use normal pen? Interesting idea though. It'd scare the crap out of me if I saw my pen start writting by itself.
swimr, Jun 06 2004

       Is this basically like a Segway, except small and balanced on a single ball rather than two wheels? If so, have a croissant. If not, then what?
spacemoggy, Jun 06 2004


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