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Pendulum Oscillator

For increasing 'pendulosity'.
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Pendulosity is the rate of travel and oscillations of a weight at the end of a pendulum travelling a nonlinear path. Humans, as pendulous beings, possess significant amounts of pendulosity at times. For example a runner can be said to be travelling with great pendulosity. This invention is meant to assist in the production of this force.

The Pendulocitator, or whatever, is a wearable machine consisting of various pendulums. These pendulums are placed parallel to the pendulous extremeties of the human wearer. Once the weighted pendulums of the Penduloscitator begin pendulously oscillating effort must be exerted to keep the human wearer at rest.

Instead of remaining at rest, the wearer is meant to move with the motion of the machine. By overcoming this first newtonian law of motion the machine has more than performed enough work to justify its existence here in its incomplete or partial state.

rcarty, Apr 19 2012

Halteres http://www.amentsoc...ssary/terms/haltere
Daddy Long Legs (Crane Fly) have these [zen_tom, Apr 19 2012]


       sp: oscillation   

       So, do fat people possess a lot of ponderosity?   

       This pendulosity thing... is it something you'd find at a swingers' club?
UnaBubba, Apr 19 2012

       One pair of a Daddy Long Legs' wings have developed over time into a pair of pendulums (pendula?) so it might work in other creatures too - a tail on a running/leaping animal kind of acts in this way.
zen_tom, Apr 19 2012

       A haltere top.
rcarty, Apr 20 2012

       This seems a bit like a velociped designed to amputate.
Alterother, Apr 20 2012

       // do fat people possess a lot of ponderosity?//   

       No -- gravitas. Ponderosity is a quality possessed by certain trees.
mouseposture, Apr 20 2012

       Writing's rife with spelling errors recently. Long for the days of moveable type-setting when the closest approximate letter sufficed.
rcarty, Apr 20 2012

       Hmm... I see turkeys' wattles as being something that could be described as pendula. Similarly, those of cassowaries.
UnaBubba, Apr 21 2012

       Cassowaries have turkeys?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2012


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