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Team Handball Variant
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A regular pentagon, sides x metres in length (we'll say 16m for now), is lined on a grass or astroturf pitch. In the middle, a smaller pentagon is constructed, with goalposts extending up 6 feet on each corner. Two sets of crossbars at 3 feet and 6 feet connect the posts. Lines are drawn from the corners of the small pentagon to the corners of the large pentagon, effectively dividing the field into fifths, with a goal area in the centre. Surrounding the inner pentagon is a circle into which no players may penetrate. Teams have four players each.

In order to score, a player must throw or drop kick the ball from his own fifth, through the middle posts, and out the end line of either one of the two fifths opposite from his own. All drop kicks must pass underneath the 3 foot crossbar and must be taken on the first bounce. Shots from the hand may pass through any part of the goal.

To advance the ball, players may NOT dribble. They can only use one hand to handle the ball, and may not pass with the feet. (Use of the foot is reserved solely for shooting)

*A note about the link* This illustration is old, but I'm too tired right now to make a new one. "Crossbar height" should read "6' "

"...where the second crossbar is not adjacent to the first..."<br /> That's worded poorly. For example, if you drop kick under the 3' crossbar in zone yellow, it must pass under one of the 3' crossbars in either zone lavender or zone orange. It CANNOT pass under the 3' crossbar of zone gray, then pass through zone lavender.

The idea here is to encourage ball movement, and being able to score by shooting under absolutely *any* crossbar reduces the need for ball movement.

Cuit_au_Four, Dec 11 2004

Pentagram Field http://www.geocitie.../demi/pentagram.jpg
A rough illustration of the field. [Cuit_au_Four, Dec 11 2004]


       I bet the goats are cheered by the fact though!
Wot no dribbly candles?
gnomethang, Dec 12 2004

       Will I be able to send someone a singing pentagram ?
normzone, Dec 12 2004

       The picture say "Pretend..... with MS Fart". Is there a reason for that? Or it a mistake?   

       OR what?   

DesertFox, Dec 12 2004


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