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New ball-games

An unexploited area?
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The number of games and sports based on hitting, striking, kicking, throwing, or passing etc., an object such as a ball, must amount to thousands.

These games have ingeniously and exhaustively exploited the ball’s size, its shape, its weight, its rebound, its flight, and so on.

Here comes the halfbaked bit - apart from juggling, which is a recreation rather than a game, I don’t know, after a search, of any competitive games which use two or more balls simultaneously; it seems to be an unexploited area.

I visualise wild experiments such as playing two soccer games on the same pitch with differently coloured balls.

Or an entirely new game with one half of each team restricted to kicking a round ball, and the other half to passing-running with an oval ball. Weird.

rayfo, Sep 25 2000

3 team hockey http://www.halfbake...a/3_20team_20hockey
3 team hockey: Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals can be awarded after one game... [hippo, Sep 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Soccer Improvements http://www.halfbake...ccer_20Improvements
Another HB idea along similar lines. [beauxeault, Sep 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Great stuff in those links. That's another stale bagel I can throw out, thanks to the wonderful Halfbakery site.
rayfo, Sep 25 2000

       What about Quidditch?
supercat, Jan 15 2001


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