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Perfect Stencil Stamp Printer

For all your high-quality agitprop needs
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Stencils are a great tool for disseminating your revolutionary message, but the resultant image tends to look sorta crummy. They all seem to use the same type of font, and certain letters (like “O” and “B”) require ugly “bridges” to hold the center piece in place.

What if you could print your own stencil, and you could use any design you wanted? Now you can, with this “simple” process!

First, you load the special prefabricated board, which consists of a layer of copper backed by adhesive plastic. The copper is pre-coated with etch-resistant ink. The printer deposits a chemical that dissolves etch-resist. After the board comes out of the printer, you simply wipe the dissolved etch-resist off the board, leaving the rest of it in place.

Then, you dunk the copper board into a bath of ferric chloride, dissolving the exposed copper. After that's done and you've cleaned off the excess solvent, you apply an adhesive felt pad (with its own plastic backing) to the exposed side of the copper board, and peel off the plastic backing.

And, as they say in France, viola*! You now have a stencil stamp that you can apply ink to the surface of. Simply wipe the excess ink off the copper, and apply it to your favorite t- shirt, building, small child, politician, or what have you.

*Well, in French orchestras, anyway.

ytk, Feb 17 2013


       Bridges can be eliminated with a bent coathanger and a bit of tape holding the center cutout in place. That's how we did it at the railroad.
Alterother, Feb 17 2013

       Google "silkscreen printing."
whlanteigne, Feb 20 2013

       //Bridges can be eliminated with a bent coathanger and a bit of tape holding the center cutout in place.   

       That could cause a revolution in orthodontics as well.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 20 2013


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