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portable magic speech printer

AD-to-DA converter converts speech to text and prints it
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if you dont think this would be neato, pretend i put it in the ART section.

i would like to have a portable, hidden speech recognition device hooked up to a printer so that i could print things on the spot that would suprise and delight those lucky enough to attract my attention. for example, if i saw a nice lady with blue blues and an indigo jacket on the subway, i could whisper into my lapel mic "Those shoes look good with that indigo jacket." and in 20 seconds i could reach into my overcoat pocket, pull a neatly formatted business card size card from the mini-printer, and hand her that card (with both hands) that says,

Those shoes look good
with that indigo jacket.

that's what i want to do. yes, i could tell her verbally. but that's not what i want to do. yes, i could just write it down, but that's not what i want to do. can i do it? (i'm not trying to pick her up. she's too old for me.)

gnormal, Feb 13 2001

GraffitiWriter http://www.appliedautonomy.com/gw.html
Not quite what you had in mind, but... [egnor, Feb 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

TAGRR http://home.earthli...Tagrr/Tagrrdc7.html
When you're done with GraffitiWriter, use this to clean it up. [egnor, Feb 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This would be a neat effect, but is much more easily accomplished with stage magic than with sufficiently advanced technology.   

       There used to be a vaudeville act of a man who would produce "any" document the audience asked for. Part of doing so was to prime and control the audience, but part also involved having a coat with lots of pockets in which all kinds of documents (which the artist collected) were stashed according to a memorized pattern.   

       That being said, having a chording keyboard attached to a small printer turns this from a mindbogglingly difficult feat of engineering into a mere feat of engineering. Otherwise, you don't know it really printed out   

Though choose look good
without indy go jack it

       until it's too late.
jutta, Feb 13 2001

       On a busy, noisy subway it would turn into:

Those *^$@ shoes look NEXT STOP
with thatquit your shovin' assket
centauri, Feb 13 2001

       Orwell called it "speakwrite".
LoriZ, Jun 20 2001

       ok, I'm sorry but I have to ask   

       gnormal, why... oh why... would you want to do this in this specific way?
James Newton, Aug 19 2002

       <refers James Newton to the first paragraph of the idea> +
calum, Aug 19 2002

       There is a film (I think called Hudson Hawk) where one of the villan's minions never speaks. Instead he hands the person he wishes to communicate with a card.   

       I thought this was really cool.   

       During his demise it was clear that he had an incredible number of cards about his person, presumably for anything he could ever possibly want to say. (The card he gave the protagonist at this point was something like "I always liked you.")   

       Having a small printer would be much more practical, I'd imagine.   

       I've just noticed a half-baker called LoriZ. Hi, and no offence intended, if you're still around.
Loris, Aug 20 2002

       You would want the make sure you read the card before handing it over. If the printer malfunctioned, you might wind up handing someone a card with The Black Spot, like in Treasure Island. If your card was supposed to say ------------------- Nice parrot And sweet hook ------------------- but it was just a black spot, the guy might get very scared.
bungston, Nov 14 2002

       This'd be double-plus good if it could print on sheet-fed Post-It notes.
bristolz, Nov 14 2002


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