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Pet-proof printer button cover

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My printer has all it's buttons and controls, including the power button, on the top. This normally would not be a problem, but I have cats in the house, and they often step on the buttons when they walk on the printer, turning it on or off or changing things, and the computer and printer are not in an area which I can really isolate from the cats.

So, I believe that printers with buttons on the top should include a plastic cover of some kind that prevents cats from stepping on the controls.

Why not put the buttons on the front? Well, some printers actually are designed that way, but if you already own a printer with buttons on the top, and you didn't anticipate that being a problem or there were more important reasons for picking that particualar printer (i.e. ink prices, built in copier, etc.) you could simply attach the cover that the printer came with. It would be much easier for a company to just include an extra piece of plastic with existing printer models than to come out with different printers with re- arranged buttons.

Other companies could offer aftermarket covers that would esentially be plastic trays that you turn upside down and cover the buttons with, held in place by sticky-note like adhesive or velcro so as not to be difficult to remove, but requiring NO modification to the printer at all.

Dickcheney6, Mar 20 2009




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