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Perforated Pizza Box Plates

The top of the pizza box becomes 4 disposable plates.
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Usually you can get the pizza place to supply napkins, and some will bring plates if you ask. But wouldn't it be nice if the top of the pizza box was perforated in such a way that you could easily tear it into 4 readily usable plates? 4 square plates would be the easiest, but other shapes could be tried as well. 4 triangular shapes could be achieved and with some additional creasing and folding, you could have achieve concavity in a shape releative to the slice of pizza. The bottom would have the same perforation pattern as well, so the whole box could be easily torn into smaller pieces that ACTUALLY FIT into the garbage can!
Novysan, Dec 31 2003

Someone beat you to the idea http://www.iamanang...arty_pizza_box.html
[DrCurry, Oct 21 2004]


       good idea [novysan] +
jonthegeologist, Dec 31 2003

       Ruminants, [dag]? Of course, if we could fold cows up into neatly perforated geometric shapes, it would save a fortune on transport. Not to mention giving new meaning to the term "meat packing plant."
ChiaLynn, Dec 31 2003

       I'm sure I've seen a pizza box which was perforated to double as a plate. From Pizzeria Uno, maybe. But see link.
DrCurry, Dec 31 2003

       perforations in the box would cool the pizza which would be a bad thing.
po, Dec 31 2003

       Cooling would not be an issue if the perforations were made with a very sharp instrument. The cardboard on either side of the "slit" would still be touching..... probably.... thus not impacting the thermal retention abilities of the box.
yogidave, Dec 31 2003

       I think [po]'s talking about once you've pulled the plate off the box. Then there's a big hole.
Worldgineer, Dec 31 2003


       no, any weakening of the box will induce more cooling; stands to reason especially when your damned pizza takes half an hour or more to get to your door.   

       did I dream it or is there a box which encorporates a foil layer inside?
po, Dec 31 2003

       Nowadays pizza delivery institutions are equiping their under-paid troops with special insulated bags to hold the pizzas in. Domino's pioneered it, but since then Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and others have all followed suit.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 31 2003

       If the perforations are made deep enough to easilty tear, I would think that the perforations on the bottom would weaken the box, and as pizza is often rather greasy, that could further weaken the box to the point that the pizza falls through. Not to mention the weight of the pizza.
twelve, Feb 04 2004


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