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Pizza deliverycooker

Cook pizzas while delivering them.
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The idea is to re-use the heat from a car engine to cook a pizza as it is being driven to its destination. I used to work at a pizza joint and cooking takes about ten minutes, so you'd save this off the delivery time. Might be good to have a conveyor thing that constantly moved it all around the engine. You could take out the dash components and put plastic tubs holding indredients in there so you could make and cook while driving. As an extra service, you could combine this with a joy ride - they could make their own while you drove around like a maniac. Much taxi work comes from drunk, hungry people on saturday nights. If taxis were to incorporate this idea I am sure they get more business.
RDKLS, Aug 14 2001

Cooking in transit is baked. http://164.195.100....+AND+ABST/deliver$)
Pizza Hut's 1990 U.S. patent on a pizza delivery vehicle outfitted to cook the pizza in transit. [beauxeault, Aug 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


phoenix, Aug 14 2001

       Cooking food on a car engine is, dare I say it, baked.
angel, Aug 14 2001

       It's a shame you can't do proper tandoori cuisine (slow cooking in a clay oven) that way too.
Aristotle, Aug 14 2001

       Would kebabs work better than pizzas, do you think? I'm just thinking that the car engine would function better as a grill-style implement, rather than as an oven.
Guy Fox, Aug 14 2001

       I believe there was a popular book titled Manifold Destiny about cooking with a car engine. However, the idea about cooking something while it is being delivered is genius.
EvoketheTiger, Aug 14 2001

       EtT, I'm afraid the genius is Pizza Hut's (see link).
beauxeault, Aug 14 2001

       Goddammit, I thought the gang of red-jacketed pizza delivery boys sitting behind us in the pub looked suspiciously interested. (When we had it, we thought this idea was pretty zany .... I'd love to see Pizza Hut actually implement it =)
RDKLS, Aug 17 2001

       And just think of the thumb blisters you'd get from pushing that darned plug back into the dashboard socket over and over again ... :o   

       If we undertake a slight redesign of the engine compartment to create a heat chamber with a conveyor rack carrying the pizza slowly through we could all be millionaires! (Or perhaps that should read hundredaires). I'm not sure about that make-it-on-the-fly part, though. I'd rather have the pizza arrive in one piece, so to speak.   

       Help yourself to one half-baked croissant.
Canuck, Aug 18 2001

       Good pizza's are made in an stone oven heated with wood. The pizza should be besides the fire, the heat circulates thanks to the round shape of the construction. For keeping it on temperature the heat of the car might be recycled but that is extremely baked and violates the original idea of saving on delivery time by cooking the pizza during delivery. I know of a local pizzeria that has build the panes of central heating systems horizantally in a small Fiat.
rrrddsnl, Aug 19 2001

       "Good pizza's are made in an stone oven heated with wood"   

       Yes, but they're not talking about good pizzas, they're talking about the likes of Domino's and Pizza Hut...
-alx, Aug 19 2001


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