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pizza cannon

cannon the shoots pizza
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pizza is loaded into cannon, aimed at customer's adress, and launched
sukiyaki, Jun 11 2010

Ballistic_20Delivery_20Service [swimswim, Jun 11 2010]


       same as the other idea - lot's missing here - any given address may not have a direct parabolic trajectory from the pizza shop - and, assuming my house doesn't have a suitably placed window, or pizza-flap - the chances are that my pizza will end up enspattened in a way that would make it less than tempting as a food item.   

       You've also got significant windage issues if your projectile is going to be pizza shaped - you could have mitigated these somewhat by having the pizza spin, frisbee style, but as an explosively launched payload, the shape is going to severely, and chaotically affect accuracy.   

       Perhaps a shape-charge could be employed to form calzone at the last minute, or to unfurl a ball-shaped pizza into the final shape at the final moments before impact - but as it is, I seriously question whether this idea has any practical merit.
zen_tom, Jun 11 2010

       This is like Beanangel, but without the considered prose or the underlying idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2010

       pizza is loading into bullet-shaped delievery box
sukiyaki, Jun 11 2010

       any halfbaker knows it should be a pizza trebuchet!!
xandram, Jun 11 2010

       Pizza Pigeons?   

Jinbish, Jun 11 2010


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