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The Devil's Sweaty Hand

iron clothes and do the devil's work
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The Devil's Sweaty Hand is a rechargeable clothes iron that resembles a demonic hand which has been severed at the wrist.

Copious amounts of steam issue from holes pierced in the many lines coursing across the surface of the actual palm. These are supplemented by a red glow delivered by sets of concealed LEDs. For detailed, precise ironing, the thumb may be extended sideways via a hinge arrangement.

As befitting its demonic origin, The Devil's Sweaty Hand must be used with extreme caution, as it has a tendency to overheat and leave a permanent burn impression on any garment upon which it is allowed to linger for too long.

Can also be used as a spooky room light when left with palm facing outwards and LEDs on in its wall based recharging dock.

xenzag, Feb 15 2015


       Presumably garments on which this is used will retain a lingering odour of sulphur … [+].
8th of 7, Feb 16 2015

       Does it have a conventional handle or slip onto your hand like a large, sweaty novelty hand?
AusCan531, Feb 16 2015

       A handle is essential, as it doubles up as the base station holder. I should probably draw it up for greater clarity.
xenzag, Feb 16 2015

dentworth, Feb 16 2015

       //handle// forearm, with broken ends of radius and ulna sticking out, duh. [+]
FlyingToaster, Feb 16 2015

       Almost makes me want to iron...and that's ALMOST!
blissmiss, Feb 16 2015

       I knee this was a Xenzag special as soon as I saw the bit about ironing. Nice. I can see this on ThinkGeek.com. [+]
21 Quest, Feb 16 2015

       ^Hand, not knee.
AusCan531, Feb 17 2015


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