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Perfume Pills

Perfume tablets
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I think It would be a better idea to have a perfume that you ingest rather than spraying on the body. You could take a pill and have a fragrance last for days and days rather than for hours and if you happen to sweat the fragrance would become stronger minimizing the risk of B.O. It would also make the fragrance compaines list thier ingreidents properly instead of listing 'Parfum', and such... Frangence companies could play on the food aspect of this new perfume by adding stimulants and healthy vitamins...
Redgoblin, Apr 04 2002


       A wee bit o' magic involved, but I like the concept.
phoenix, Apr 04 2002

       Not necessarily magic, phoenix. I know that when someone eats a lot of garlic you can smell it on them for days, so maybe you could get the same effect with something equally strong but more pleasant smelling.
mrthingy, Apr 04 2002

       Well, there you have it . . . Garlic Perfume.
bristolz, Apr 04 2002

       Hope the smelling isn't as atrocious as the spelling.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2002

       Hmmm. How about a tablet that would make my nose insensitive to cheap cologne? There's this guy at work that's driving me nuts with his "pepe le pew."
jbum, Apr 05 2002

       Sorry, been busy. Although sleep would be nice. It's good to know you miss me, Mephista.   

       As for this idea, well, I just don't have enough red ink in my pen to take care of this at the moment.   

       "ingreidents"? What the hell are "ingreidents"? "compaines"? "thier"? Oh, I see. Redgoblin has problems with vowels and where they go.
El Pedanto, Apr 17 2002


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