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Peril sensitive shoes

no more stepping on dogpoo
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Olfactory sensors embedded in shoes. Not that hard to imagine. Electrochemical sensors linked to a audible alert. Tuned to detect dogpoo,banana skins etc. Users will be able to program the shoes to sense any substance. Just hold the shoes close to the substance and press the button.
beanstorm, Feb 06 2006

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       It could veer the shoe by some in-built gyroscope.
Dub, Feb 06 2006

       Then you would just fall into the poo after your own shoes twists your ankle.
notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

       old joke - but it's a good one - Man walking down his driveway spots a suspicious looking brown pile on his pathway.... stoops down, sticks a finger in it, scoops up a large sample and begins to closely examine it saying: "Looks like it ! smells like it ! "(as he passes it under his nose) - then licks it off his finger adding "tastes like it - good job I didn't step in it !"
xenzag, Feb 06 2006

       I can forsee problems with gyroscopes Dub. I had one as a child and it was stable at full speed. As its spin rate decreased it began to move around violently. I want to avoid any accidental ass kicking incidents and the following lawsuits.
beanstorm, Feb 07 2006

beanstorm, Feb 07 2006

       Gyroscopes just dont work for me. Originaly I thought a simple audio alert was just fine. Powering the gyros would probably mean the wearer would have to constantly jog to keep the gyros working.
beanstorm, Feb 14 2006


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