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Perpetual Motion Bike Wheel

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Perpetual Motion Bike is an ordinary bicycle which has its rear driving wheel replaced with one that exhibits the characteristics of a mechanical perpetual motion device.

To be specific, the replacement wheel has a series of ball bearings moving along channels between its spokes, in the exact same manner as that of the famous Leonardo da Vinci overbalanced wheel arrangement. (shown in the links)

The apparatus can be switched on or off at the flick of a switch, which causes magnets to retain the ball bearings along the inner edge of the wheel's rim.

Perpetual Motion Bike Wheel is at its most effective when the cyclist stops pedaling, and simply allows the ball bearings to carry on with the famous action which once convinced people that perpetual motion had been achieved.

Inevitable delux version features ball bearings with leds.

xenzag, Dec 30 2015

Leonardo's Wheel https://i.ytimg.com...GFq6U/hqdefault.jpg
[xenzag, Dec 30 2015]

Leonardo's drawings http://www.leonardo...motion-machines.jpg
[xenzag, Dec 30 2015]

bicycle with speed governor
[xaviergisz, Dec 31 2015]


       Centrifugal force means this is only interesting at low speeds.
pocmloc, Dec 30 2015

       I'm sure with some adjustments the effect can be manifest at all speeds. Over to the technicians. I only do the ideas bit.
xenzag, Dec 30 2015

       (+) for the visual.   

       There is significant space inside the region defined by the spreading spokes of an ordinary bicycle wheel. The space is shaped something like a sharp-edged disk, fairly thick in the middle (with a big hole through the middle of the disk). You could take a bike wheel apart and insert something representing the essence of this Idea in that space, such that anyone looking at it (after wheel is re-assembled) might think (at least when the bike is coasting) that a perpetual motion machine has been perfected. I must agree with [pocmloc], though, regarding centrifugal effects interfering with this Idea's implementation.
Vernon, Dec 31 2015

       So have the perpetuum mobile bit suspended in the inter-spoke toroidal space, and geared to the wheel rotation such that it rotates slowly while the wheel rotates fast.
pocmloc, Dec 31 2015

       /Over to the technicians./   

       Those bumbling technicians are the ones who never get the magnets placed right in the _real_ perpetual motion machines!   

       I wonder if the moving balls might ride 2 instead of 1 rail, with the adjacent rails jiggered such that centrifugal force pulls them apart, slowing the motion outward of the balls.
bungston, Dec 31 2015

       You're all missing the real point.... No matter what is placed within the confines of a bicycle wheel, in the form of moving weights, it can never actually assist or retard the forward motion, so it may as well be something that looks like it could.
xenzag, Dec 31 2015

       There is no point to anything.
pocmloc, Jan 01 2016

       Tell that to a compass.
xenzag, Jan 01 2016

       It ignored me.
pocmloc, Jan 01 2016

       Talk to the fulcrum.
xenzag, Jan 01 2016

       “Happy arbitrary calendar increment, Fulcrum!”

pocmloc, Jan 01 2016


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