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Sit-up and beg for mercy

An exercise trike
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Your new trike has arrived, it stands in front of your house, shiny, silver, and sturdy upon it's three wheels.

You go to it, and place yourself upon the hinged platform that rests in the middle of the trike, you slot your feet into the adjustable foot holders, with the steering brakes that independently control the front wheels. You lock them into place at a point that you believe should be appropriate.

Lying back, you bring the easy-to adjust shoulder straps over you to meet the locking point on the adjustable chest harness.

You place your hands close to your head, which rests upon a comfortably padded support, and find the gear selector within easy grasp of your right hand, and the rear brake to your left.

Using your abdominal muscles, you pull yourself up, all the while secured to the bike. As you rise, the motion extends the piston situated below your head. Which is connected, in a fashion similar to the drive piston on a steam train, to the rear wheel. Lowering yourself causes the wheel to start to rotate, and you slowly make your way out of your drive.
Only a couple of thousand reps, and you'll be at work in no time.....
kaz, Sep 30 2009


       <strikethrough font>bike</s> insert trike.   

       Awesome otherwise.
RayfordSteele, Sep 30 2009

       I prefered the word bike, but for the sake of accuracy...
kaz, Oct 01 2009

       Disorientation in traffic would be a problem.
pertinax, Oct 01 2009

       Can I contract out the marketing to the multi armed corporate giant that is BubbaCo?
GrasbyTech Industries just don't have the resources.
kaz, Oct 01 2009

       //Disorientation in traffic would be a problem// Sounds like you need the pull-up-bar version
pocmloc, Oct 01 2009


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