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Perpetually "steaming" coffee cup

For [mahatma]'s "I'm still here" ruse.
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The "steaming" coffee cup for [mahatma]'s desk could be accomplished with a small, battery-powered vaporiser. The gubbins and batteries are in the bottom, and the vapor is vented just under the rim. The reservior is the cold coffee itself, not only producing "steam" but also that hot coffee aroma.
Alterother, Jul 01 2011

Inspired by... Still-In-The-Office_20Accessories
[Alterother, Oct 03 2012]


       This reminds me of the new electronic cigarettes which produce "smoke" for that realistic feel.
phundug, Jul 01 2011

       That's exactly what made me think of it, actually. My best friend has one, and we were laughing about it the other day.
Alterother, Jul 01 2011

       A smoking bum would be worth developing.
xenzag, Jul 01 2011

       // bum //   

       Ambiguous terminology. Please specify: drifter or derriere?
Alterother, Jul 01 2011

       I have bummed this idea.
pocmloc, Jul 01 2011

       Inject ultrasonic waves into coffee.
VJW, Jul 02 2011

       //The gubbins and batteries are in the bottom//
hippo, Jul 02 2011

       Yes, they are. Did you have a question about that, or were you just emphasizing my brilliance?
Alterother, Jul 04 2011

       //my brilliance// You mean the source of solar luminance?
pocmloc, Jul 04 2011

       I like this. +
blissmiss, Jul 04 2011

       // my brilliance // no, I meant the work of genius it was to figure out that the worky bits go in the bottom and the coffee goes on top.
Alterother, Jul 05 2011

       Nothing new here, I just finally got around to linking the post that calved this spin-off.
Alterother, Oct 03 2012


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