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Personal Ice Maker

Sits on your desk and makes 1 cup of ice
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Using thermoelectric power, this device would look like a 1/2 size coffee machine with a cup. Fill up the cup from the water fountain, and pour the water in the top. Put the cup back underneath the device. The cooler will make your ice, and hold it there until you are ready to use it. When you press the little red button, you get a cup full of ice at your desk. Since it's running off the companies electricity, won't matter it it holds the ice cold for 1/2 a day or more.

Device could also be made in a delux model that will also produce crushed ice.

It could also have a fan setting to blow cold air on you, like a personal air conditioner.

azmatsci, Jan 14 2004


       I want to know where you're dumping the heat if you're going to use it as an air conditioner.
phoenix, Jan 14 2004

       The cool air goes towards you, the hot air goes away from you. So you are making the rest of the office hotter, but the air blowing towards you is cooler.
GenYus, Jan 14 2004

       //I want to know where you're dumping the heat if you're going to use it as an air conditioner.// I had a coworker who had a heater going under her desk, even in Texas in August when the AC in the building didn't make it below 80F. At least once a week that same coworker needed an ice bag on the head because of headache. It (gender changed to protect privacy) would have been the ideal user for this device.
kbecker, Jan 14 2004


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