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Over unity UPS

Ornamental UPS sits on desk and shows over unity
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Expensive device for rich boss desk.

The device shows that it is putting out one microwatt more than is input to it from the electricity.

A UPS battery unit, connected to the boss' laptop electric adapter, sits on the desk, with an extra outlet permanently connected to (1) a small and silent Stirling engine, sitting on top of it.

The Stirling engine runs (2) a magnetic gear that powers (3) a tiny "dipping bird" which in turn, causes (4) a small perma-magnet generator to produce electricity. These four devices are enclosed in a clear plastic encasing.

The produced electricity powers (5) an electrolysis unit inserted in water. The hydrogen and oxygen bubbles are released into (6) a pulse ram pump, causing water to shoot out every few seconds powering (7) a small self-looped water-pump electric generator.

Hovering over the released hydrogen bubbles is (8) a small Palladium Hydride absorption unit, which is extended from (9) a small lighter-than-air helium filled disk. (the helium is permanently supplied from (10) a small pressurized canister nearby, which needs to be replaced once a year).

All devices except for the original UPS itself, will be called hereafter the OverUnityUnit (The OUU).

An extra (11) tiny wind turbine is attached to the side of the unit and protrudes above it, receiving power from the air conditioning drafts or from amused visitors.

Also (12) a small solar cell unit is set on the side, and should be aimed at the fluorescent lights in the room.

A small (13) satellite antenna is attached to receive ambient electric power, and is added to the OUU electric output as well.

Next to the UPS box is a flowerpot with a cactus and an (14) earth-battery, connected to the OUU output.


When the UPS is full and not being used, an adapter supplies a very small current to the OUU. An electric meter tests the amount of current entering the system through this adapter.

A second electric meter tests the current produced by the OUU, running into a capacitor, connected to a LED. Every few days the LED blinks.

The metered results are sent to a separately powered chip with an LCD display, which, each time enough power has been gathered in the capacitor, shows the input, output and diff in amps, of the last spur.

A special website debunking the idea by its creators and viral youtube videos explaining what's wrong with it, what's a watt, and why ohm's law has nothing to do with anything, will assist with sales.

The expensive unit will have meters for each of the input currents, and separate capacitors, so that adequate power is received from each, to be used noticably.

A Coca Cola or Pepsi sponsored unit would be built of cut cans, with clear plastic on one side to show the internals. It could be used as a beverage dispenser instead of a UPS unit.

pashute, Jul 03 2013




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