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Person sized thermos-flask

For hot jacuzzi fun on a picnic or at the beach
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Pretty self explanatory. Fitted with 8" wheels as standard, for easy towing. Luxury model has 10" platinum rims and a whirlpool jet system.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Tortoiseshell and Mother-of-Pearl

Also available: - Matching bubble bath holder - Shower attachment - Privacy screen

gronner, Oct 12 2005

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       Or for those with a confirmed coffee addiction.
Cedar Park, Oct 12 2005

       Seems like a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle to tow around all that sloshing water, and public access power receptacles to run your whirlpool jet system are difficult to find on most beaches and mountain meadows.   

       You might be better off investigating one of the portable wood-fired hot tubs that we've linked to on other ideas in the past and consider using water from your destination. Alternatively, if you do have access to a good power source at your site, there are several portable inflatable hot tubs with whirlpool pumps that will pack in the back of your car.
jurist, Oct 12 2005


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