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Personal Car Horn

Only sounds inside the car to get it out of your system
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On those occasions when somebody cuts you off or otherwise does something dumb that you want to honk at, but don't want to bother everybody around you.

My 12 year old's idea. I thought it was cute.

doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2016


       Or it could be personal in the sense that it only honks for one specific person, the target.   

       When you honk your horn, an eye-tracker detects which car you’re looking at and sends the honking waves only in that direction using a swiveling parabolic transmitter. Everyone’s cars would have wireless receivers for personal honks, and automatically play them over the internal speakers when received. That way you can make bad drivers feel guilty without annoying the innocent drivers around you.   

       If you don’t think you could get a law passed requiring every car to have the honk receiver, you could change the wireless transmitter to a roof-mounted parabolic speaker that sends sound only at a narrow angle.
Rory O'Kane, Feb 08 2016

       Some kind of wireless connectivity might be the way to go for that.   

       As for who you direct the honk at, perhaps the vehicle sensors could tell which vehicle was doing something unsafe and direct the honk only to them. So if it senses a car coming unsafely close while changing lanes it sends any honk signal you may send out to them.   

       Incidentally, we were driving and I said I thought it would be cool if car horns had both "Bark" and "Growl" settings and she suggested this idea which I thought was much better.
doctorremulac3, Feb 08 2016

       I do this verbally, only not with a horn sound.
nuclear hobo, Feb 08 2016


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