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Pressure Sensitive Horn

Make it piezoelectric, and add juice to the battery, too
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A pressure sensitive car horn.

Lightly tap it to get your walking friend's attention, bash it hard to blast that guy who slams his brakes in front of you.

DesertFox, Dec 27 2005

I thought this idea was what mine was, but found it wasn't proportional_20honking
so I posted it. Thanks [jutta] for inspiration [DesertFox, Dec 27 2005]

Similar 2_20tone_20horn
[Ling, Dec 28 2005]

What to highlight? Double_20Entendre_20Splitter
[ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 28 2005]


       There was another user who posted "Analogue horn", if I am not mistaken. He may have deleted his account: RIP Ash Simmons.
Ling, Dec 28 2005

       He shouldn't have deleted it, its's a great idea. Bun because it's simple, bakeable, and really useful.
Pac-man, Feb 07 2006


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