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Personal Champagne Room

For celebrations
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Want to feel like you are with your favorite team, right there in the clubhouse, when they celebrate their championship/pennant/first victory? Don't you just wish you were there in the locker room spraying champagne, popping corks, and generally being merry?

Now you can be.

Simply assemble the Champagne Room: An indoor tent just under 8 feet tall and 8 on a side, with a ridge around the floor (to keep the fun inside and off of your carpet). Complete with a roof, and a zippered door.

On one side is a thin plastic window to view your television, on the opposite side is a slide-in team logo of your choice.

Everything is waterproof. Take it outside and hose it out when the bubbly isn't fun anymore, or when you'd rather just say "Screw it, we won, let's get drunk."

(Moved to Product: Party Supplies 10/18/06)

shapu, Oct 18 2006




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