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Proper Party Popper

Mak the party go with a real bang
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Examining with disappointment and dismay the current ranges available for retail purchase, BorgCo has decided that it's time something better was on offer.

Behold the new BorgCo Party Popper !

It resembles in many ways a regular party popper, apart from the fact that the payload chamber is about the size of a 10 litre bucket, and it's injection -moulded from thick plastic so as to be reuseable.

The "bucket "comes prefilled with paper streamers, toys, glitter, paper hats, and humorous mottoes.

The propellant is a large automotive airbag, initiated by an AA battery and a capacitor with charging circuit in the shaft, which also incorporates an extending steel pole; this is braced against a solid surface to mitigate the recoil, as the current version is not recoilless*.

To use, turn on the firing circuit and wait for the warning light to start flashing. Put on the ear defenders, goggles and gloves (included in the kit), brace the pole against a solid surface, pull out the safety pin, and squeeze the trigger.

Hilarity ensues.

The pack also includes a comprehensive first -aid kit.

Reload rounds are available at a modest price, or just buy the DIY option and fill your own**. The AA battery is good for a couple of dozen firings.

*Development is continuing, however.

** BorgCo are not liable for the consequences of ill-considered homeloads.

8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

Baked in a way http://www.gettyima...picture-id136027966
It seems less dangerous if you have a model pulling the string. [mylodon, Dec 07 2017]

More popping large https://rheathierstein.com/blog-2/page/5/
[mylodon, Dec 07 2017]


       //mitigate the recoil...ear defenders, goggles and gloves...safety pin// Something's not right here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2017

       Look, a lot of the Beta-test cohort have filed personal injury lawsuits. Wimps.   

       We're just covering ourselves from a legal point of view.   

       We've made a few other minor tweaks; the front of the device is no longer stencilled with "THIS SIDE TOWARD ENEMY", the thing's now in garish colours rather than olive drab, and the posters have had to be revised; the original version was a rather well done picture of a kneeling Wehrmacht soldier in a Stahlhelm, aiming one of the Poppers at a T-34.   

       Not sure why. The ad agency hinted that the strapline "FÜR VOLK, REICH, UND FÜHRER ! " wasn't "Christmassy" enough, which is nonsesnse, as it was really snowy in Stalingrad ...
8th of 7, Dec 03 2017

       For voles, the wealthy, and furriers? I can see why it didn't catch on.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2017


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