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Mild Friend Wild Friend Services

This is kind of a personality escort service or personality prostitute.
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This is a service you pay for a person to be your friend and pal around with you for a time.

They are based on your specification a Mild Friend or a Wild Friend.

If you feel you are sort of the boring type you might hire a Wild Friend whose job is to pal around and encourage you to make more radical decisions whenever possible, try new things, maybe prod you to act out or speak up when you by nature might otherwise not contribute or get involved.

You might bring a Wild Friend to a business networking event to help you break the ice as one example.

If you live an out of control wild life that gets you into trouble too frequently you might hire a mild friend to pal around with you temper your behavior, maybe chat you out of rash decision making or impulsive behaviors.

You might bring a mild friend to the opera or some high society even where you would not want to stand out.

I do see an opportunity to have a Mild or Wild friend chosen for you randomly with some roulette type mechanism.

The M&W friends would have to undergo training so that they had tools that they could effect behavior with.

vfrackis, Sep 30 2009


       It might be hard to get visitor badges for hired wild friends. Optionally the wild friend could be remote, speaking to you through a headset or perhaps an implanted device relaying messages through bone hearing.
bungston, Sep 30 2009

       Sounds like a life coach run through a fashion filter.
normzone, Sep 30 2009

       The mild friends better not be easily embarassed by your wildness.   

       Besides, if you go to the opera, wouldn't that be money out of your pocket for the ticket AND freind?   

       And what if they hate you? Even worse, what if they hate the Opera?   

       maybe friends could be selected through some dating-game-style set up.   

       "Mild 1, have you ever been to an opera?"   

       "Wild 1, how may entries have you submitted to Halfbakery?" "Uh, none." "Sorry, you're just not wild enough for that meeting of mine." "I have!" "Okay, Wild 3, I'll take you."
BouncyPaw, Sep 30 2009

       Perhaps a MPD version could be offered, that flips randomly during the engagement.   

       Short of that, I'd like the wild friend Eliza Dushku model for the weekend, if it's not booked up already.
tatterdemalion, Sep 30 2009

       You could hire one of each and make them argue with each other.
pocmloc, Sep 30 2009

       My pretend friend would knock the shit outta both the wild and mild friend intruders, I fear.
blissmiss, Sep 30 2009

       Interestingly, wild friend type personalities are easy to befriend and always seem keen on forging new friendships. Mild friend personalities however are much harder to find, and each one is worth an average-sized pouch of gold. Therefore; I doubt you would find very much demand for wild friends as most people probably have a surplus already.
vincevincevince, Oct 01 2009

       Yes [vvv] but these would be -really- wild
pocmloc, Oct 01 2009

       //And what if they hate you? Even worse, what if they hate the Opera?//   

       They are Personality Prostitutes they have to like you they are getting paid to like you. a Wild Friend would be more likely to voice opposition to attending an opera.   

       There could be a selection process like an interview.   

       If I rolled with an Entourage I would definitely have one of each on the scene to argue with one another.
vfrackis, Oct 01 2009

       M&W friends will be highly trained actors, that can be mild or wild depending on the customer. when you hire you will have the possibility to customize your friends, what things you won't accept, like foul language or being too coward, or what things would you like him to do, like get drunk with you or get you into some place interesting. the friends are very flexible and great improvisers.
canoro, Oct 03 2009

       UB real prostitutes let people access the most private parts of their body there is something brutal about the occupation. I see your point about an MorW friend treating you with contempt once they have some measure of you. You could go out to dinner and have the waiter treat you with contempt too, just for being the next customer on his bad day.   

       I think that I am trying to get to this. Don't you think that while they are "personality prostitutes" their task is much less brutal than that of a real prostitute and short of intense criticisms from the customer there should be no reason for them to become disgruntled simply because they have to pretend to like you.   

       I have had to pretend to like quite a few employers in my time, sounds bad right but hey I have a family that likes to not have to pretend to like anyone in their free time.
vfrackis, Oct 03 2009


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